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Deal 2
Best Value - All Your Photos on CD • Yours to Print, Email, Whatever $69!!!
Deal 3
Single Keeper - One 8X10 • Remember Your Adventure Every Day, $17.00
Get the High Quality Hi-Res copies of your photos on a CD. For personal use and printing only. Comes with all the photos of a single raft.
Download link of ALL photos
DOWNLOAD_ICONDownload HI-RES Images. A link will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours for you to download ALL your hi-res photos of a single raft. • $65

(Download link for a single photo can be purchased for $16)
PRINTS in a variety of different sizes!
4x6 photo
$10.00 each

$12.00 each

$17.00 each
Multiple Boats, Multiple CDs
Your group was split into two boats or you had a large group?
The first boat is regular priced, add $35 for each additional boat. Examples:
  • Two sets/boats: $100
  • Three sets/boats: $135
  • Four sets/boats: $170
  • etc...
  • * - emailed sets only, add $5 for CD's
For orders less than $100, add $5.00 for shipping.
For orders greater than $100, add $10.00 for shipping.
Please add a 7.875% sales tax to all orders.
Overseas / out of Country orders add $15.

Shipping times for prints and CD's are 1-3 weeks
Download link will be emailed in 24-48 hours
The shape of your image (also known as the aspect ratio, or the ratio of width to height) is not always the same as the print size you want. Therefore, to make your image fit the paper size, some trimming has to occur. For example, images from a digital camera are more square than a 4x6 print, so some of the "height" of the picture must be trimmed when the image is printed. Another reason that CD's are the best value, you get the full images, with no cropping.

Most digital images are taken in a 3x4 aspect ratio; that is, the image is 3 units tall and 4 units wide. This differs somewhat from traditional 35mm film which is in a 2x3 aspect ratio. To fit traditional print sizes (5x7, and 8x10) some cropping is necessary. This cropping amounts to about 10% of the image, taken equally from the top and bottom.

If you want to have your picture printed whole, without any cropping at all, please add a note to your order (Paypal, mail or fax). Your picture will be printed whole, with a white border (The system prints the picture whole like this if automatic cropping would result in an loss of 20% of the image or more.) It is important to keep this in mind when ordering prints!

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